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This Woman Suspects Her Lizard Is Capable Of Murder And The World Agrees

Twitter user @danisnobunk is the proud owner of a bearded lizard named Petey, who went somewhat viral online for her habit of enjoying bath time with mom, from a flamingo-shaped floatie.

This is a lizard with a lot of personality:

But does Petey have a dark side?! Her owner posted this pic, and it looks pretty suspicious:

Cop cars surround the house, Petey looks out at the scene then over at her owner as though to say, "Well, they've come for me."

Fans of Petey are pretty ready to believe the worst.

Even the police:

Not to typecast, but Petey looks pretty familiar:

Though animals do look pretty suspicious most of the time:

Is Petey guilty? Is @danisnobunk harboring a criminal?

If so, she seems okay with it.