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The Internet Is Mourning The Death Of The Last Northern White Male Rhino
1 month ago

After watching the movie Annihilation, I've been feeling pretty spaced-out when it comes to our species as a whole. Sure, I still get upset when someone cuts me off in traffic, and itis moments like that, and others, like waiting in line at Walmart to buy plastic Easter Eggs for my son, where the absurdity of our existence we set up for ourselves really comes into focus.

I just feel like animals have a better handle on things than human beings do. Elephants mourn their dead way more passionately than humans do, dogs are way more loyal than any human being could ever be, and to top it all off, you never get the feeling that an animal wishes it could be something other than the animal it is.

What I mean is, although I don't claim to know what a mouse is thinking or feeling, you never see a mouse act like a lion or climb up a tree and pretend to fly like a bird. But human beings, like myself, pretend to be things we're not all the time.

The one thing that human beings do have down pat, however, is survival. Oftentimes at the expense of others. There are groups out there trying to save endangered animals from extinction, but there's only so much work we can do to reverse breeds from dying out.

Sadly, it looks like White Rhinoceroses are doomed for extinction, as the last male of the species, Sudan, recently passed away in a Kenyan Wildlife Conservatory.

The news was confirmed by the Ol Pejeta Conservatory on March 19th. His official cause of death was linked to old age, which prohibited him from properly healing from skin wounds and muscle and bone degeneration.

Since Sudan was suffering and there was no hope for him getting better, he was euthanized.

Rhinos are still being hunted, with permits selling for as much as $350,000 to kill the beasts, a fate that Sudan escaped in the 70s when he was brought into Zoo captivity. He helped with the preservation of his kind by fathering two female White Rhinos. 

Although he is the last male Northern White Rhino, scientists are still hopeful that they can preserve his DNA for future attempts at sustaining the species.

Ol Pejeta gave him a fitting memorial, which was shared in a series of tweets to to help raise awareness to the dwindling numbers of Rhinos in the wild.

For now, the conservatory will attempt to impregnate female rhinos via IVF procedures to keep the Northern White species going.

People from all over lamented over the news of Sudan's death.

Including Bindi Irwin, daughter of the famed crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, who followed in her family's animal-conservation footsteps.

Along with celebrities.

Here's hoping IVF procedures can reverse the ominous fate of the Northern White Rhinoceros and they can enjoy a happier fate like these animal species.