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This 87-Year-Old Woman Made Microsoft Paint Into A Masterful Art Form
1 month ago

Concha García Zaera is a grandma who lives in Valencia, Spain. Zaera recently discovered the wonders of technology. "Recent" is comparative—at 87-years-old, Zaera is a master at a somewhat outdated software.

She is famous for her incredible, intricate drawings made entirely in Microsoft Paint.

Zaera's work has become a sensation on Instagram, according to Mashable, and you can see why:

She once studied oil painting, but it was too hard to do in the house, because of the mess and the smell. Her kids gave her her first computer and she started tinkering around with the Microsoft Paint program. Soon, she was a maestro.

She now has over 100,000 followers, who tune in to see her elaborate, detailed work.

The work she made was relatively obscure, shared mostly on Facebook. Her family encouraged her to start an Instagram account. Then a tweet featuring screenshots of her drawings went viral.

Each piece supposedly takes about two weeks; Zaera takes her time.

According to Bored Panda, she doesn't consider herself very creative???

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Apparently, most of her ideas come from postcards she received from her late husband.

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She's a bit baffled as to why she is getting so much attention for her hobby.

"I do not understand very well why my drawings draw so much attention, I think they are very simple things," she says.

“My husband fell ill and I had to take care of him, so I couldn’t go out very often,” Zaera explains. “I began painting little things: first, a house, the next day I’d add a mountain… Step by step, I was adding details, and in the end, the result was a very pretty thing.”

Just goes to show that if you take things one step at a time, you may be an undiscovered genius at some sort of ancient software by the time you're in your late eighties.