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Everyone Is Sharing Their Best And Worst Selves That Both Deserve Love
3 weeks ago

We all hope to find someone who both loves us at our worst and appreciates who we are at our best, but nothing illustrates that so well as this new, ridiculous meme.

The phrase, "If you can't love me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best," is something I feel like I've heard a million times, but it is so clearly illustrated by the flood of side by side photos on twitter right now. The trend apparently started when fans began sharing photos of K-Pop stars who have been around long enough to go through a complete brand transformation. They were goofballs. Now they're handsome princes.

But this is beyond any one cultural phenomenon. Everywhere, there are examples of people who are sometimes totally awful, sometimes absolutely crush worthy.

Like Timothee Chalamet dabbing versus Timothee Chalamet looking dreamily out the window:

Demi Lovato as her unwanted alter ego Poot, and as her hot music video self:

A cartoon Hercules. Wow, he got big:

Even Netflix has experienced the Glow Up:

Honestly, there's not a single creature or person who hasn't gone through some sort of transformation. It's actually kind of inspiring:

But I may be most moved by this flute girl. Look how much she loves her team! Love changes us all!

Of course, there are more Spongebob ones:

And the Internet's prince, Harry Styles:

Some powerful female figures:

Now ask yourself. Who loves you at your worst and deserves you at your best? And do you in any way resemble a personified sea sponge?