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Kid Tried To Pay A Waiter With A Barbie 'Credit Card' And They Totally Went Along With It

3 weeks ago

A little girl out for dinner with her parents wanted to play at being a grow up. Little does she know how not fun it is to pay for your meals as an adult! Twitter user @richhomiewen shared pictures of the fake kiddie credit card she handed over to him, like a big shot. He writes that he had the time, so he thought he'd play along:

He made her a fake receipt for her to sign, and didn't forget to include a "tip" line:

But she actually tipped him! Real money, too.

People cannot believe he just shared this 3-year-old's credit card number like that, even if it's completely and totally fake:

Everyone is melting into a puddle over how cute it all is:

Some can't believe they had such a sweet interaction with a child who already has a wallet:

Some people are applauding this little lesson on tipping—but are warning him to check on his money.

There are scammers out there!

Be wary, even when you got an angel handing you a little pink credit card.