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These Are The Promposal Mistakes Every Teen Should Avoid During Prom Season

2 weeks ago

Spring has sprung, and that means promposal season is right around the corner. The teens never stop coming up with new and exiting ways to shock and surprise us, so this year's viral disasters/success stories will probably be as exciting as ever. But first, teens, please beware. Promposals last forever on social media, and you want to be careful about how you're remembered.

For instance, as the guy who took "fur trapping" to the next level:

As the guy who got rejected before his girl even knew she was being asked:

As the person who dressed up as a creepy man nugget:

The guy who got the police involved:

As the person who is not Goku-ing to the prom with anyone:

As the girl who steered her date into a pit:

As the dude who needed an interpreter for his sign:

This one is actually making me hungry:

As the guy with a back up plan:

The girl who dropped the ball and everything else:

As the person who needs a 101 design class:

The girl who needed stronger glue:

The couple that was too hungry:

When you eat the pizza before posting a picture #promposalfail

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But you know what? The vast majority of these actually worked. Teens speak their own love language—the language of prom.