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This Wrong Number Text Turned Into A Wild Story Of Betrayal And Incest

2 weeks ago

You know how it is. You're out for a few drinks when you get a text from an unknown number. Could it be a new friend you forgot to save? An emergency? Or is it a woman with a cheating boyfriend wrapped up in some sort of incest fantasy? It's definitely one of the three.

Twitter user @StrickJackson shared a series of screenshots of a conversation he says he had with someone in the Number 3 category. Buckle up—it's a wild ride.

So, not only does this mystery person have a boyfriend named Trevor who is cheating on her, he's cheating on her with his cousin, Michelle. Cousin.

And it's not the cousin part that's bothering her. In fact, she seems intrigued by the idea.

Whatever you do, do not order The Cousin Special. 

People are calling this text exchange fake:

They're going on Detective Internet on it:

@StrickJackson insists it's real as can be, though he admits it might be someone pranking him.

Most people are happy just to enjoy and not question. Life is composed of little joys, ya know?

But if you're in a family with both a Trevor and a Michelle, maybe check in. Make sure everything is going okay. But not toooo okay.