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This Horrifying Doll Is Bringing Back Childhood Memories People Would Rather Forget

This Horrifying Doll Is Bringing Back Childhood Memories People Would Rather Forget
3 weeks ago

What is it about horrifying dolls that creep us out so much?

Scary, soulless automatons that want nothing but to terrorize you and see you dead have been in tons of movies, novels, and even spawned a sub-series of Goosebumps books.

You'd think with all of this media out there warning people about the dangers of keeping freaky-looking dolls in your home would kill the consumer market for dolls that aren't Halloween decorations or horror films.

But, like any respectable mysterious demon doll, they never seem to go away. Because unsuspecting children, for some reason, will try and bring them into your home. Which is exactly what happened to Twitter user A Mancino-Williams when she took her daughter to a second hand store to buy something for a few bucks.

She chose this doll.

This green menace who appears to be dying of some horrific plague is this little girl's new favorite toy in the whole world.

The 7-year-old's mom resigned herself to her fate and bid her farewell to the rest of the internet, sure that Baby Ben would murder her in her sleep.

Thankfully however, the two were able to come to an agreement.

Other Twitter users who saw her post were shocked: because it turns out that Ben has siblings.

As scary as that sounds, it's true. Either that, or this doll really gets around the world, haunting families at random.

Some people can't get the kid's face out of their heads.

Others are wishing they never saw Baby Ben in the first place, as he's bringing up unsavory childhood memories they'd much rather keep repressed.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, people began posting photos of the other terrifying dolls they've encountered.

You know once she opens her hands and reveals her face, the skin will melt from your skull.

At least we got some insight into the type of person who would buy one of these, someone who gets a kick out of punishing misbehaving children so much they have dolls to emulate that experience for them.

There should be a crime against manufacturing "unintentionally" scary dolls. Seriously, how does someone create this and think it's OK to mass produce it and bring it to market?

The raggedy clothes make it somehow worse.

If you're thinking about having children, you're going to have to face the fact that there will come a day that they will want to bring home something that scares the ever-living heck out of you.

Apologies if you read this before bed, but don't worry, there's no way one of these terrifying dolls is hiding under your bed. Probably.