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People Are Sharing Their Most Boring Encounters With Celebrities

People Are Sharing Their Most Boring Encounters With Celebrities
Updated 3 weeks ago

Entertainment and media are such a big part of our lives that it's easy for us to idolize the people we see in our favorite movies, shows, and programs.

But it's equally easy to forget that these people, at the end of the day are just human beings like us.

Sure, they're human beings who've attained great levels of success by sacrificing and working ridiculously hard to cultivate their own personal talents, but still, they're still part of the same species as everyone else.

Which means they have the same potential for boredom and the mundane as other human beings. Which might be why Twitter user John Moe wanted to know from other Twitter users what their most boring, alleged, celebrity encounters were.

And if you like yawning, well, get a load of these inconsequential meetings with the talented, gifted, and successful.

Sometimes, lightning strikes in the same run-of-the-mill place twice.

Mistaking Bilbo Baggins from Black Panther for a guy who used to play hockey with your brother? Classic.

Celebs need WiFi too.

And they can even tell you where the bathroom is, should nature come calling.

They even buy things and take change.

They'll even make matter of fact comments on how you look.

Some of them buy their cat food in bulk.

They even eject bodily gasses, just like us.

They also ask questions where the answer is obviously "no."

Celebs need to get cash sometimes too.

And they love playing with dogs too, who could blame them?

They follow bar-ordering etiquette, too.

Sometimes celebs ask other celebs boring questions.

They even react reasonably when they find out they can't get into certain bars.

They shop at aging retailers for laptops, too.

And avoid social interactions they'd much rather not be a part of, just like us too.

They don't carry pens either!

And show common courtesy when others are exiting eating establishments.

Celebrities drink tea too, believe it or not.

Sometimes they talk to themselves in the mirror, come on, we all do it.

And admit that their lives aren't always whirlwinds of excitement and intrigue.

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