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These Cops Tried Relating To Young People By Writing 'Popo' On Their Squad Cars

These Cops Tried Relating To Young People By Writing 'Popo' On Their Squad Cars
Updated 2 weeks ago

I'm aware that because I'm in my thirties I'm no longer young and hip and cool. And I'm OK with that because I was never really hip or cool - I pretty much always had an unhealthy disdain for popular culture so I'm fine with that.

But what if you're in a line of work where it's integral that you're able to identify with those who are younger than you and make you think you're not such a square?

A line of work where you want young people to feel safe to come to you and see you as a voice that can understand where they're coming from? Like a police officer, maybe?

Now the problem with trying to relate to something you totally don't understand is that you should make an effort to try and understand it first.

Something these cops should've considered before "changing" the decals on their squad cars in an attempt to enamor themselves to the younglings in their patrol vicinity.

Yes, that's right. Cops thought that by putting the slang term for police on their cars would make kids see them in a different light.

Thankfully, the Bath Township Police Department mentioned on its Facebook page that this is just a photoshopped image, and they really aren't putting cars on the road with "POPO" written on the side of them.

That didn't stop people from thinking the troll post was the real deal, however.

Some complained that their slang was dated.

People also provided some photoshops of their own.

Turns out that the Bath Township Police Department's Facebook page is full of hilarious posts.

They know exactly what you're thinking when you accidentally speed past them.

They're really excited for their new summer uniforms, too.

Their 4/20 post was absolutely hilarious as well.

I need to meet whoever's doing their social media, because they're killing it.

Their sense of humor about the lame excuses they hear from perps is admirable.

And they're not afraid to poke fun at themselves, either.

They're not afraid to pat themselves on the back for being hot, either.

You know they just had to show up for April Fools' Day, as well.

They're not afraid to give some solid meme burns to their rivals, either.

Such. Quality. Memes.

I hope I never get arrested but if I do, I want it to be in Bath, Michigan.