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This Woman Beat The Hell Out A Guy Who Groped Her In An Elevator

Remember the time a guy tried to rape a 21-year-old woman only to come away with a face full of scars after the woman beat his ass? 

Well, it's happened again.CCTV from China uploaded by People's Daily shows a man and a woman alone in an elevator. The guy gets pretty creepy, resting his head on the woman's shoulder and smelling her hair. The woman promptly decides that she's had enough and whoops his ass into the next century...

This commenter on YouTube was pretty impressed...

It still didn't end nearly as badly as it did Jonathan Holmes from South Yorkshire, England, who stalked a young girl for a mile only to discover that she was an expert when it came to shredding faces with keys...

Or this waitress in Russia who knocked a guy out after he tried to grope her. 

Looks like he got served

You'd think men would learn after watching these, but apparently not. Justice is pretty damn sweet, though.