When you've got an 86-pound bucket of gold flakes, valued at $1.6 million in the back of your armored truck, you should probably not let it out of your sight for twenty seconds.

Because 20 seconds was all it took for this man to swipe this bucket right from the back of a truck parked on a busy Manhattan street.

Gothamist reported on the incident an uploaded the street camera footage of the what one NYPD Detective is calling a crime of "opportunity". The NYPD also released an official statement on the crime:

"An armored truck company making a pick up discovered that a 5 gallon aluminum pail weighing 86 pounds containing gold flakes (valued at 1.6 million dollars) was stolen from the rear of their armored truck... The unidentified individual is then seen lifting the 5 gallon pail from the truck and fleeing East bound on West 48 Street toward Third Avenue."

The suspect's believed to be between the ages of 50-60, 5'6" and 160lbs. In the video, he's seen watching the van before biting the bullet and stealing the bucket.


The security guard went to the front of the truck to grab his cell phone, and when he came back, the bucket was gone. The video shows the suspect hauling it down the block. He eventually hopped into a van on 49th Street and 3rd Avenue.

Police believe that the man is currently hiding out in Florida and that he didn't know what he was initially stealing.


Major case squad detective, Martin Pastor said:

"I think when the lucky charm opened up the bucket, he seen the rainbow and seen the gold."

Let's see if his luck runs out. He stole the bucket on September 29th and still hasn't been caught. (h/t gothamist)