2016's been a pretty good year for movies, you've got MoonlightNocturnal AnimalsDr. StrangeArrival, American Honey, The Nice Guys, Deadpool and the latest Star Trek film that no one watched which was a damn shame because it was pretty incredible.

That's not the say there weren't a bunch of letdowns, let's not even talk about the atrocity that was Batman Vs Superman, but all in all if you're a fan of movies (and honestly how can you be trusted if you're not) then 2016 was very satisfying.

But in case you feel like you missed out, then Vimeo user, Clark Zhu has got your back.

He's mashed together 256 of this year's biggest releases into a huge super-trailer and it's pretty damn awesome.

Can you name all of the movies in the trailer? Watching through it once I was reminded of all the awesome films I've seen, and a lot I'm glad I missed.