Despite an overwhelming majority of scientists from around the world insisting that climate change is a severe problem, there seem to be a few people who deny that it's occurring. Like Myron Ebell, Trump's top EPA pick who also happens to work for Exxon, which isn't surprising because scientists with conflicts of interest are apparently par the course for climate change deniers.

Popular news site, Breitbart is constantly coming under fire for putting up exaggerated, shocking, and flat out untrue news stories. Fans of the site believe that the hate and attacks on the outlet are unjust, mainly because the site leans extremely right/conservative.

However its latest article regarding climate change suggests that the current overall cold snap people are experiencing across the globe is evidence that climate change alarmists are over-reacting, and that this may be the "death rattle" of the global warming scare.

But the Weather Channel shut that talk down with an epic, evidence-based rant that people are sharing all over the web.

But what do they know about the weather? It's not like it's their job to report on it, monitor it, and study it exclusively.