There are certain brands that are just synonymous with Christmas. For some reason we think of Coca-Cola and their holiday polar bears, or if you're in the UK, you think of retailer John Lewis.

And if you're really into porn, well, now you can think of PornHub.

Seriously, the internet's leading purveyor of adult entertainment decided to drop a Christmas ad that's strangely beautiful.

Seriously, just look at this commercial and try to not get in the Holiday spirit.

Seriously, you wouldn't even know it's a commercial promoting porn during the Holidays until the familiar orange logo pops up on lonely Christmas viewers' screens.

But there's something a bit unsettling with the final image of the advertisement.


The thought of Santa flying above my head while I'm trying to get my perv on isn't something I'd be excited about. I don't care how ho-ho-horny I am.