I didn't really formally ask my wife to marry me. After one date the both of us were pretty much sure that we were totally digging each other. I love the way our relationship panned out, even if it did go 0-100 real quick. But I do sometimes think about cool ways of asking her to marry me, because what's more magical than getting engaged?

How about getting engaged with the help of a world-famous musician right during the middle of a concert?

Well that's exactly what Kelly Clarkson did for a couple of lucky fans during her 2016 Winter Wonderland Miracle on Broadway show.

Clarkson called Kiana Clark along with her girlfriend up on stage. Clark then spoke to the audience for a bit, and dropped the bombshell on her unsuspecting girlfriend.

Now if that isn't just adorable, then I don't know what is. Sidenote: was Kelly Clarkson checking out her Twitter on a tablet while she was on stage?