The other night when I was hanging out with my family, my son was babying around the living room just causing adorable calamity and being a hilarious little butt-butt.

I don't know why a bunch of adults were totally captivated by this cute kid doing absolutely anything: running, stumbling, tumbling, throwing a ball, but anything he did was somehow magical.

I've never met someone who said they disliked kids and actually meant it (I know, I used to be one of those people). There must be something in most people's wiring that makes them love children.

And the fans at this Red Wings game were no different. Because everytime they took this kid off the JumboTron, they booed like crazy.

SB Nation identified the little guy as two-year-old Mason, and the audience's reaction got him constantly on the JumboTron throughout the night.

This cute kid was even made the honorary first star of the game.

I mean just look at this kid and try telling me he's not awesome.

And if you do, know that you're a liar. (h/t sb nation)