The earliest toy I can remember parents going crazy over Christmas season to get their kids was the Tickle Me Elmo. Sure, looking back at any toy craze after the fact seems absolutely silly, but parents go out of their way to make sure they're giving their kids a special Christmas morning, and oftentimes they'll scour the ends of the earth to do so.

And because the days of expecting wonderful presents are long behind me (although my siblings pitching in to get me a PS4 for my 29th birthday was pretty incredible) I can't help but look at the current crop of "must-have" toys with disdain and bewilderment.

That includes the apparent "hot ticket" item this Christmas kids were going nuts over: Hatchimals.

So yes, they're glorified Furbies that were designed to trap those of us who are obsessed with "mystery box" toys.


Once the Hatchimal (hatches) from its egg, kids find out which specific animatronic bird they've been gifted with, and the little thing starts chirping and talking as robot-birds tend to do.

But parents have been reporting that their Hatchimals aren't as cute and cuddly as advertised: some allegedly say "f*ck me" while hatching.

Did you hear that? Are parents over-reacting, is it a stretch?

The thing is there are tons of parents who are reporting the issue. And Hatchimals can be "taught" certain words with its record function, so that complicates matters.


Cursing isn't the only thing Hatchimals have been found guilty of. Parents are also complaining that many of the toys are dead on arrival, being plagued with user issues or the batteries dying out shortly after hatching, which is disappointing and probably not what you want to be teaching kids about the miracle of childbirth.