There are acts of kindness my 15-month son does that absolutely floor me. Like when he pulls a sock out of the laundry that he knows is mine and walks across the room to bring it to me, with a smile on his face because he knows that it belongs to me. Also because I applaud basically anything and everything he does because let's face it: parents have an illogical love for their children.

And even though I admit I get absolutely stupidly gaga for my son whenever he feeds me a piece of popcorn or calls out to me in affection or just flashes me a grin, that same stupidity extends to my over-protectiveness of the little guy: I baby-proof everything in my house.

I put security brackets to fasten furniture to the wall, I have child-locks on dressers, drawers, cabinets (some he's figured out how to open), toilet seat covers, trash bags, and yet he still manages to find a way to get himself hurt.

So watching this video of a dresser falling on top of a toddler has me both gasping in horror and throwing my arms up in victory.

These two-year-old twins were playing in their bedroom, doing baby things and obviously trying to climb furniture, when they toppled over the same exact model IKEA dresser I have in my bedroom.

One of them gets trapped underneath the dresser and you see his bro heroically do everything his tiny toddler self can think to do to save. And he actually does.

Some YouTubers were asking important questions though. Namely, where were the parents?!

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And one person pointed out a frightening fact: had it not been for a strategically placed pink ball in the room, the one twin might be very, very hurt.



Scary stuff. But seeing this little guy looking out for his brother helps to take the edge off.

As a side note, I want to acknowledge I had to basically fight fellow Distractify writer, Margot Harris to write about this story, but I won out because I have a son of of my own.