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Jordan Peele Revives Obama Impression Because It's Exactly What America Needs To Face Trump

Every day of the past month, I've wondered to myself a question I think has crossed everybody' minds:  "Why can't we just have Obama back?" Sure, he served the country well for the past 8 years, and deserves to wear his hat backwards in the British Virgin Islands, but we still daydream about him returning to office. 

After all,America needs him right now. Donald Trump has been humiliating America on the international stage, and calling the free press the "enemies of the American people."

If, like us, the lack of Obama has you troubled, then we have some good news. On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Jordan Peele decided to revive his retired Obama impression and give us an idea of what the former president might be thinking right now.

Much like a long-lost lover, we really miss hearing Obama's voice.