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Female Cyclist Gets Revenge On Catcalling Driver And The Internet Rejoiced

Growing up, every sitcom and movie I watched made it seem like all construction workers did was eat huge sandwiches out of metal lunchboxes and sexually harass women on their way to work.

Personally, I never got what catcalling females was all about, or why it persisted for so long. Nor could I imagine randomly calling out to a strange woman and informing her that you find her attractive in super gross terms would ever result in her coming home with you.

And even if it did, is that the story you want to tell your grandchildren? "Well she hated my guts, but I continually told her that she had legs for days until she finally caved and we've been together for 20 years."

Unfortunately, when someone cat-calls you, there's not much you can really do in response expect curse them out. Or do what this female cyclist did to a scumbag who wouldn't stop harassing her.

I don't know where the hell that guy got off not only constantly talking to her when she clearly wasn't interested, but constantly putting his hands on her to get her attention. I hope he has a good time explaining that one to his boss. Serves him right.