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Subway Car Turns Into A Giant Rave And This Guy Got Caught In The Middle Of It

Life is full of accidental, awesome opportunities. Like the time I got stuck on a train only to find out one of my best friends was on that same train. Or whenever I get fries at Burger King and an onion ring or two ends up in my fry cup. It's awesome.

In all seriousness though, the train example was probably my favorite instance of it happening, because it takes something as mundane and annoying as a public transportation commute back home extremely enjoyable. I was actually kind of upset once they got the train moving again, to be honest.

The only thing that could have made it better, is if the lights went out on the train, a sick electro-funk beat started playing, and the car I was in turned into a full-on rave.

Which is exactly what happened to this fine gentleman when he was heading home on his daily commute. That's right: he entered the Rave Train.

He uploaded the video to YouTube with the description: "Not your normal Monday night on the Bakerloo line"

If only it was, if only.

Getting strangers to party on the train is a proud commuting tradition.

But watching people dance on the MTA in New York, however, is a cash-grabbing annoyance. Don't get it twisted.