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Jimmy Kimmel Pitches Trump Voters A Crazy Plan To 'Save' America

Donald Trump has provided an endless supply of material for late night show hosts.

Not to mention Saturday Night Live, countless comedians, and media outlets galore who are more than happy to comment on all of the unbelievable things that are coming out of his presidency.

But the situation in Charlottesville has got a lot of people worried. And even though Trump's giving comedians a lot of material, there are many out there who want the madness to end, like Jimmy Kimmel.

In a recent monologue the late-night show host lists a ton of the crazy stuff Trump's gotten involved with in his first few months of office, but his commentary isn't for those who oppose the brash president.

It's primarily for the people who elected him. Is the monologue hilarious? Yes. But it also ends on a meaningful note, with Kimmel imploring those who supported Trump to consider all of his gaffes and select one of two options:

1. You can dig in like Chris Christie at a home town buffet...
2. You can treat this situation like you would if you put Star Wars wallpaper up in the kitchen: "All right I got caught up I was excited, I made a mistake."

Kimmel is touching on a demographic of Americans who are becoming more and more vocal. Just check out the Trumpgrets Tumblr account and you'll see a bunch of people who've expressed their disappointment with the Donald.