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Someone Dropped Their Phone From A Plane And It Survived To Record It All

8 months ago

It seems like these days, most phones crack from even the smallest fall. Well, not the Samsung Galaxy 5S apparently. Robert Ryan of Nashville, Tennessee, recently took to YouTube and Reddit to share a video from his uncle's phone. Ryan claims that his uncle, Blake Henderson, a hobbyist pilot, was attempting to record the view from his window when it dropped.

This is what happened next...

"His phone was sucked out of the craft on accident and dropped around 1,000 ft into a very nice families [sic] yard," Ryan explained on YouTube. The plane was traveling at around 1,000 ft when it was sucked out of the window after turbulence. 

Some time later, a man found it while trimming his hedges, and a lot of confusion ensued. The family who found the phone on soil in their yard returned it to the cellular company, who in turn, returned it to Henderson, according to the Daily Mail. 

If only all phones could survive something like this... or being gently tossed onto the bed, at the very least.