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Mariah Carey Just Took 'Vogue' On A Tour Through Her Ridiculous Fashion Closet

It's fair to say that Mariah Carey is pretty successful, selling more than 200 million records worldwide. That success has earned her an enormous closet, and thanks to Vogue, we got a look inside the closet that essentially amounts to an apartment. 

Yes, there's a closet in the closet just for lingerie.

Yes, Mariah Carey also owns Marilyn Monroe's piano and one of her compacts. As if the closet wasn't already impressive enough. That compact sold for $34,500 according to Christie's. 

“It seemed like a really sweet thing to have, and if I had written a speech and had kept it, I would want someone to keep it for me,” she says. Too sweet. 

She also has a Birkin from Floyd Mayweather, so her closet is essentially a museum at this point.