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This Dad Lived Every Parent's Nightmare When His 2-Year-Old Was Bitten By A Copperhead At Daycare


We're guessing that the most terrifying part of parenting (just after dealing with all the baby vomit and having to wear a Babybjörn) is trusting other people with the care of your child. Babies and toddlers can get into all kinds of sh*t and they'll eat anything, so a disaster is bound to happen every now and then. And you can feel pretty helpless when surrendering your little demon angel to the clutches of daycare. As it turns out, all your nightmares could easily come true, so good luck relinquishing your little miracle anytime soon.

Michael Cook got a call from his daughter's day care center informing him that his two-year-old, Kiley, was bitten by a copperhead snake.

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Source: wfaa