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Prankster Gives Shelter Cats Hilarious 'Likes' And 'Dislikes' To Help Them Find A New Home

By Mark Pygas

There are so many animals in need of adoption, that it can pose a real challenge for shelters to make their animals stick out from the crowd. Given that shelters can often be stressful or new environments for animals themselves, it can also be tough to showcase their real personalities. Understandably, people want to bring home a pet that seems like a fun-loving, cuddly ball of fur, but a lot of animals are too scared to really relax in a shelter, meaning that they may be passed over at a glance from potential families.

So Sante D'Or Animal Rescue in California decided to team up with comedian Jeff Wysaski to give their cats some more relatable likes and dislikes. And unsurprisingly, people are absolutely loving it.