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This Superhero Squirrel Is The Hero We Need, But Not The One We Deserve


I grew up near the woods and if there is one animal that I have seen more than any other it would be squirrels. They are everywhere. Trees, grass, dead in the middle of the road, you name it. But if there is one place I have never seen them it would be off fighting crime. 

For a long time I thought it was because a squirrel would be no good in a fight. I mean, look at them! They are small, frail, and weak. They are even afraid of my tiny five-pound dog, and she's a tiny little thing!

Turns out though, this is a scam. You see, squirrels are really superheroes. It makes sense when you think about it.  Superman pretends to be that weak loser,  Clark Kent. So squirrels must be pretending, too.

Their secret got uncovered when a photographer caught a squirrel in a classic superhero pose. From there it was pretty easy to imagine them saving the day. 

1. The Original