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These Adorable Dogs Don't Know What To Do With Their Tongues

By Zachary Brenner

There is some debate over why dogs lick people. Some people argue that dogs are trying to pass their scent onto their owners, some people say that dogs just like the way we taste, and other claim that it is a sign of affection. Whatever the cause might be dogs do a lot of licking. That isn't a complaint. I would be flattered if a dog thought I should smell like her, or just thought I tasted good, or wanted to show some love. Whatever the reason may be, I'm into it. 

That being said,  dogs don't seem to like it when the tables are turned. Trust me. I have tested this theory countless times. But for now, check out these adorable dogs who simply don't know what their tongues are for... or when to stop licking.

She's ashamed.