Watching This Dog Sing And Play The Piano Will Inspire You To Live Your Best Life



What I love about dogs is that they do not judge themselves for being completely awful at things. Humans are constantly getting down on themselves for not being the best, not winning the gold, not hitting the high note. 

But a dog? A dog just sings their heart out, no matter how terrible it is at singing. It plays the piano even though dogs can't play the piano. They wag their tail happily as their owner mocks their lack of proficiency. What do you know, person! This dog is a STAR.

This dog is getting a standing ovation from Twitter users who were indeed very glad that they'd stopped what they were doing to watch a beagle play the piano and sing:

This video reminded me of one of my favorite beagle videos of all time, except it turns out that they are basset hounds, but what the heck, it's a dog party:

Um, did someone say dog party?

Party like a dog today, and if you can't, then approach your obligations as a dog would. With joy, and ultimately by doing whatever the heck you want:

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