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Source: Kitty Lee Photography

This Unbelievably Cute Kitten Got The Birth Announcement Photoshoot It Deserves


It's hard when you're a cat mom, and you want to celebrate your baby, but people think it's weird to flood their social media timeline with pics of your furry child. Thankfully, photographer Kitty Schaub is doing her part to normalize kitten photoshoots that make a purrfect "birth announcement." 

Schaub recently adopted a kitten for her 5-year-old daughter, Amelie. Luna the kitten is apparently very pliant, and follows her tiny human everywhere, then passes out on top of her. Schaub told The Huffington Post that she impulsively wrapped Luna up in a blanket during one of her sleepy times. When the cat put up no objection, a star was born:

Posted by Kitty Lee Photography on Monday, April 24, 2017