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A Rat Cafe Is Coming So You Can Channel Your Inner Ron Weasley

A Rat Cafe Is Coming So You Can Channel Your Inner Ron Weasley
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1 year ago

The idea of putting animals in a cafe so you can pet and admire them while you sip your coffee is nothing new.

There are cat and even owl cafes. Although the idea of hanging out with creatures in an enclosed location while drinking hot beverages seems a little bizarre, it's easy to see the appeal for people who love animals, but can't keep them as pets for whatever reason. Sometimes you want to just snuggle something feathered or furry, right?

But how does the idea of snuggling up to a rat sound?

There's a pop-up rat cafe that's coming to San Francisco from July 1st-7th.

The temporary rodent and beverage attraction will take place at the San Francisco Dungeon. And while the image of gloomy, underground prisons seems perfectly synonymous with rats, the Dungeon got its name way before they invited the whiskered little critters over. It's actually a tourist attraction that has actors reenact pieces of San Francisco and the region's history.

These aren't just any old basement or sketchy restaurant rats, however.

The rodents are coming courtesy of Rattie Ratz, which is a Bay Area Rat Rescue group that tries to put some of their friendly and trained critters in the homes of humans who might be interested in having a pet that's a little less conventional than a golden retriever.

If this sounds like your cup of rat-and-tea, tickets to the pop-up shop go for $49.99.

That'll get you coffee, tea, or water and one breakfast pastry. After your meal, you then get 15 minutes of rat-playtime.

This isn't the first time rat cafes popped up in the news, however. Bon Appetit published a story about them back in 2014, but it turns out it was an April Fools' joke. Life imitates satire, I guess. (h/t huffpost)

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