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Everyone (Even Elon Musk) Has Feelings About This Cat That Got Stuck In A Tesla


Cats have very unique personalities.  They are not particularly friendly, and can be very much to themselves.  They secretly do have a warm side and a sense of humor though, it might just take a lot to get them to open up.  Other times though, they are just fearless and can find themselves in some interesting situations to say the least.  I guess its because they have nine lives and everything, but they seem to push their luck a lot more than other animals.  It seems like the more fearless you are, the more you stay out of harms way.  Go figure. 

Over the weekend, YouTube user S U faced a problem that (presumably) no human being has dealt with before: a cat was stuck inside his Tesla. He heard a cat meowing and traced the sound back to his car. What made this situation extra weird? He didn't have a cat.

So he posted a video asking for help: