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This Dog Crashed An Orchestra Performance And Won Over The Entire Audience


You can't say enough about dogs.  The way that they can control a room with their personalities without even batting an eye.  They probably don't know exactly what they are doing, but their charm can just do things that humans cannot.  Put them in all sorts of situations and they can make you laugh, smile, cry and sometimes all at once.  When out in public, when there are many opportunities to do unpredictable things, that is where they sometimes really come to shine.  They  do not think about embarrassment or shame or anything that would stop them from getting in front of a crowd and just doing their thing.  And we love them for it.  

One of the most beautiful things about animals is that they’re the same in every situation. 

A wild tiger in a McDonald’s is going to act the same way as it would in the jungle.

It’s a true IDGAF attitude that lots of humans lack, except for young children, which is probably why animals and babies always enthrall us.