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Watch This Dog Save A Drowning Fawn And Believe The World Is Good Again

By Aimee Lutkinnnn

Dogs are too good for this world. According to KCCI, this pupper in Port Jefferson was caught on camera by his owner Mark Freeley doing something pretty remarkable: saving the life of a baby deer. The dog's name is Storm, and he's a golden retriever. The word "retriever" is in the name, so he is sort of innately programmed to go retrieve, but Storm is remarkably gentle with the stunned fawn, who lays gasping on the shore after being dragged to safety.

"A golden retriever noticed that a fawn was drowning. He jumped in to save it. What a good boy," wrote Yashar Ali on Twitter as a caption to this incredible video. 

Why is it always golden retrievers? They're like, the elevated dog breed. How did they become this way? Did you know that a golden retriever's mouth can be so delicate it can hold an egg without breaking it? They are so freaking adorable, it's hard to even. 

This video is restoring everyone's faith in humanity.

People took to the comment section to write, "we don't deserve dogs," "You can see him play bowing, trying to entice her to play lol. So sweet. I've had Goldens for many yrs. They're so so smart and loving :)" and "I adore that the dog was giving the fawn his version of CPR. How loving."