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Source: Instagram

The Friendship Between This Little Girl And Her Poodle Will Inspire You To Be A Better Pal

By Aimee Lutkinnnn

When you stop to think of it, building a bond with an animal is something pretty strange. You can't really communicate without a fair amount of training, and going outside of your species for companionship is something so odd that movies have been made about it when the two friends aren't humans. Nevertheless, you can't deny that these relationships not only exist, but flourish, and the feelings are always reciprocated. You've seen how dogs react when their owners return after an extended trip, and there are plenty of reports on how the family pet's attitude changes when someone in the house is pregnant, going into full defense mode to protect the pregnant mom to be and baby from any potential assailants around the clock.

Even more touching is when that baby is born, and the dog accepts him or her into the family. It sounds like it's something that would be weird, but we do the exact same things when a female dog gives birth to a few puppies. It takes trust to allow anyone near your newborn, and that trust floats two ways. Knowing that, maybe this particular story isn't all that difficult to understand. No one on this planet loves unconditionally like a child does, and when he or she decides that a toy, forgotten house appliance, or even a dog is their best friend, you had best believe that it is their best friend. It doesn't take much to elicit the same reaction out of a dog. So long as you feed it, walk it, and deliver a steady stream of pets, you've passed their background check.

A little Japanese girl named Mame is navigating the world with some very loyal friends at her side, Mashable reports. An Instagram account featuring Mame and her many dog buddies will give you serious friendship goals. The family seems to have a penchant for poodles, some of whom look like rugs when they lie down:

But Mame has a special bond with an enormous standard poodle named Riku. Riku is what is sometimes called a "Royal" poodle, which just means "huge." It's cute to see a big creature and little creature loving life side by side, and these two really make every day activities special. They play, they explore, they nap, and every moment will make you smile and say, "Aww."

Mame and Riku against the world!