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Source: Instagram

The Friendship Between This Little Girl And Her Poodle Will Inspire You To Be A Better Pal

By Aimee Lutkin

A little Japanese girl named Mame is navigating the world with some very loyal friends at her side, Mashable reports. An Instagram account featuring Mame and her many dog buddies will give you serious friendship goals. The family seems to have a penchant for poodles, some of whom look like rugs when they lie down:

But Mame has a special bond with an enormous standard poodle named Riku. Riku is what is sometimes called a "Royal" poodle, which just means "huge." It's cute to see a big creature and little creature loving life side by side, and these two really make every day activities special. They play, they explore, they nap, and every moment will make you smile and say, "Aww."

Mame and Riku against the world!