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The Biggest Dinosaur In The World Has Been Named And It's Not Just 'Big Dino'

The Biggest Dinosaur In The World Has Been Named And It's Not Just 'Big Dino'
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11 months ago

In 2012, researchers found a dinosaur skeleton in Argentina that changed their ideas about what the biggest land-walking creature ever to roam our planet looked liked. On Tuesday, their findings were published, reports the National Post. Diego Pol of the Egidio Feruglio paleontology museum in Argentina, and co-author of the study, says the skeleton belonged to a group of dinosaurs called titanosaurs, but this particular branch of the family tree "went crazy in size."

Scientists have finally revealed this behemoth's name: Patagotitan mayorum, which includes a reference to the region it was found (Patagonia) and the Greek word titan, which if you couldn't guess, means "big."

The Patagotitan was probably a pretty slow moving creature, because even standing up when you're that big presents a challenge. Researchers believe this specimen was still showing signs of growth in the bones, which means it may one day be unseated as the world's biggest dinosaur. Just the same, the new genus has paleontologists and amateur dino enthusiasts freaking out, and here are a few of my favorite genre of tweets about it.

The ones that try to downplay the discovery for no reason:

The ones that joke about what this dino's social life was like:

The ones from resentful people who want more high brow dino talk, please:

And best of all, the photos that show scale:

Um, now that's a big dinosaur!

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