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Source: Facebook

New Zealand Police Gave Their Officer Guinea Pig An Epic Funeral

By Aimee Lutkin

The New Zealand police department have employed a guinea pig recruit named Constable Elliot for about four years, Mashable reports. He recently passed away, but the department wanted to give him a formal send off, because as you can see, he really was a part of the team:

'Just the facts ma'am...'

Posted by New Zealand Police on Thursday, April 13, 2017

In an announcement on Facebook, they wrote that Elliot died following a brief illness, and remembered his work for the force:

He will also be missed by his police family, who he enjoyed working for over the last year, spreading prevention messaging about crossing roads, safer driving and avoiding burglaries. He was a chilled-out, relaxed little fella who would curl up in a ball on your lap like a cat, but was brave enough to face up to bigger animals thinking he was a dog. 
Four feet in heaven - we will miss you little guy.

And they shared a photo of his elaborate police funeral: