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2 Rats Go Viral While Battling For Single French Fry In NYC Subway


Do you remember Pizza Rat? Back in late 2015 it was the rat with a pizza who captured the internet's heart as it struggled to pull a giant New York slice of pizza up some stairs, to well, eat. He became an Internet sensation, up there with the likes of Grumpy Cat and Bad Luck Brian. We all related to the struggle, especially New Yorkers who know the bustle of the city can be overwhelming at times for even humans. Never any time to stop for pretty much anything. It turns out he wasn't the only street rat with an appetite for a some greasy gross food. This time a rat is back with a brand new favorite food: french fries. To be fair, this is probably a different rat entirely but we can see the true spirit of pizza rat inside it. Clearly he has inspired his brethren to go out into the world and feast. 

But same idea:

It's real in these frites

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