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Lobster Caught With Bizarre Image On Its Claw--And Twitter Has Some Questions

Lobster Caught With Bizarre Image On Its Claw--And Twitter Has Some Questions
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Updated 7 months ago

Karissa Lindstrand is a commercial fisherman who noticed something strange on a lobster that she caught off the coast of New Brunswick recently.

While banding the lobster, she saw a familiar site on the crustacean's claw.

What appeared to be a Pepsi logo.

Lindstrand immediately identified the logo as she drinks Pepsi every single day. The strangest part? It wasn't paper.

"It looked just like a regular lobster. Once I check it over and make sure it is legal, I pay more attention to the claws and getting a band put on it. I just happened to notice a blue picture, and got looking at it closer and it was a Pepsi can."

Lindstrand says that she tried scraping the pixelated logo off, but she couldn't. It was almost as if it was tattooed on the claw of the lobster.

There are some different theories circulating on the web as to how the image essentially became a part of the animal's shell.

Lindstrand claims that in all of her four years working as a lobster bander, she's never seen garbage come up in the traps. 

After snapping a photo of the claw and uploading it to Facebook, Lindstrand says it went viral. She wishes now that she kept the lobster instead of tossing it on a crate to be shipped internationally.

There are many who are saying that this story is just further indication of the excessive pollution occurring in the ocean.

Matthew Abbott, marine program coordinator with the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, said in an interview with CTV News that he believes the Pepsi-tatted lobster is a strong indication that pollution runs deeper in the waters off Coastal Maine than people realize.

"What it really tells us is the prevalence of marine debris in our coastal waters. This is a case where the lobster not necessarily has been hurt by it, but it shows that even in the relatively deep waters off Grand Manan there's garbage down there."
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