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Source: Instagram

This Dog Is So Not Into Christmas And It's Hilarious


For most people, the holidays are an incredibly joyous time. And that's great for some people. But for other people, they can be stressful — what, with all the traveling, the forced time with loved ones who you may not love spending time with, the expenses, the difficulty that is buying a gift for someone who is incredibly tough to shop for. Not to mention, it can be hard time depending on your circumstances in life — like if you have no one to spend the holidays with, or you can't be with the people you love during what is supposed to be an incredibly festive time. We get it. It's not great for everyone. And believe me when I say that no one understands the struggle more than this adorable little pupper. 

As it turns out Anuko the Siberian husky is actually a pretty famous dog, whose owner, Jasmine Milton, has been sharing viral photos of for several years, according to Bored Panda. We're happy to report that — as far as anyone can tell — fame hasn't changed Anuko one bit; even though he's a genuinely happy, loved dog, she's got a seriously cranky face. The kind of face that may just make you say: "Me during the holidays."