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Source: Big Cat Sanctuary/Twitter

The Tiniest Wild Cat in the World Will Make You Fall in Love With Felines All Over Again

By Aimee Lutkin

The Internet, which was created primarily for sharing pictures of cats, never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think it's run out of new ideas to show me, it comes up with a big surprise. Today that surprise is a feline called a "rusty-spotted cat." Can you believe that? A kind of cat I've never seen or heard! Incredible.

This special kitty made an appearance on the BBC program Big Cats, which is ironic because it's actually an extremely tiny cat. Fully grown, it weighs just a little over two pounds. 

The cats are very rarely seen, partly because they're so tiny and partly because they only live in Sri Lanka and some parts of India. And they look like they're itty bitty kittens, no bigger than a leaf: