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Here Are The Best Cats Proving That If It Fits, They Sits



If you've ever owned a cat, or even spent time around one, you know they love cramming themselves into every tiny space they can find, no matter how uncomfortable or ridiculous it looks. Who knows why. Maybe it's cozy? Maybe they're showing off how flexible they are?

Though most people are familiar with this feline phenomenon, it's still fun to share your own animals weirdest contortions. People are having fun posting their best "if it fits I sits" examples of cats squeezing into the perfect nap zone:

There are the high perchers:

The boxers:

A couple baggers:

And then the cats who will make do with anything, as long as it is weird as hell:

All I want is my kitty to fit in my arms, so I can snuggle him. But he probably wants to sit in the toilet, or something.

You can't change a cat's nature, so don't even try:

These cats looks so adorably uncomfortable, it's heart melting to look at these photos. I mean, do you think you could get any other pet in that position? I'm just thinking about my sister's pet snake, or my dog. Come to imagine it, the idea of my dog under a dresser, or inside one of its drawers is adorable enough to make me want to get up from my seat and try it right now. Who knows if it would work but I'd be more than willing to wager it would be cute as all hell. And maybe even adorable enough to make a hashtag out of, one that could garner him a sponsorship with some major brand and make us rich. How cool would that be. 

For the moment, though, we have these cats, and for that, I'm grateful.

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