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This Man Bumped Into His Cat Out For A Stroll Far From Their Home

This Man Bumped Into His Cat Out For A Stroll Far From Their Home
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3 months ago

Twitter user @SherlockyTweet shared a little run in he had with his own cat far from the house where they supposedly both live. He was in his car, driving around, when he bumped into the feline known as Lewis, out for a stroll. Lewis seems just as surprised to see him:

The hilarious pics of Lewis greeting his person have gone viral, and the people want to know more. 

Apparently, Lewis has a habit of wandering off, but not usually this far:

Other people shared their wandering cat stories in solidarity. Sometimes a kitty must roam:

Just make sure the cat is yours before you take it home.

Lewis is quite a character, and because of his viral fame, his person is sharing all the classic Lewis tweets of yore. He's the cutest:

And a good companion to just hang out with:

Sometimes they wander together:

Lewis has a cat door, but it seems hard to use. Maybe that's why he's always outside?

But there's always a cozy place to come back to, when he's ready to bite some feet:

Don't wander too far, Lewis. They need you at home.

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