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Source: Twitter

This Man Bumped Into His Cat Out For A Stroll Far From Their Home

By Aimee Lutkin

The cat vs. dog debate has been raging for decades, because sure cats will never be as good and kind as these dogs or be elected mayor of a small town. However, that does not mean that cats don't bring their own type of joy to their owners with their nonchalant attitude and independent nature. (Yes, we know some cats like to cuddle, but c'mon, most felines just don't care for people). 

And just like there is die-hard dog people, there are die-hard cat people, who will do anything for their four-legged pets, no matter how ungrateful they may appear. Twitter user @SherlockyTweet shared a little run in he had with his own cat far from the house where they supposedly both live. He was in his car, driving around, when he bumped into the feline known as Lewis, out for a stroll. Lewis seems just as surprised to see him:

The hilarious pics of Lewis greeting his person have gone viral, and the people want to know more.