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This 9-Year-Old Dedicated A Twitter Account To All The Dogs He Gets To Pet And It's So Pure

This 9-Year-Old Dedicated A Twitter Account To All The Dogs He Gets To Pet And It's So Pure
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Updated 1 month ago

As messed up as it is to admit, human beings seem to love and care more about other species of animals than their own.

100% of people find puppies adorable, and I'm sure that the percentage of people who find humans babies adorable is less than that, in fact, there are probably some baby haters who are reading this article right now. 

I'm not judging you specifically, just humanity on a whole. Plus, it's hard to blame anyone for loving dogs more than anything else in the world, I mean, come on: 

Think of all the people who've ever approached and then think of all the dogs, I can guarantee that every time you met a dog, you hoped that it liked you and was cool with you petting them.

There are serious mental health benefits to petting puppers that have been scientifically proven, which might explain why we always want to touch/cuddle/love adorable doggoes. Now there's a Twitter account out there, started by 9-year-old Gideon Kidd, that celebrates the wonderful practice that is petting dogs.

I've Pet That Dog documents all of the beautiful canines Kidd comes in contact with and pets, and it's probably the purest social media account on the internet.

With each post, Kidd snaps a selfie with the happy puppers he comes into contact with, along with a short bio that gives some insight into their individual personalities.

If you think it's too darn cute, it's because it is. Can you think of something that excites anyone more than getting some unconditional love from a good boy?

Kidd is definitely onto something, he's amassed over 43,000 followers who follow his doggy-petting adventures. 

He started the account in September, 2016 and has now shared over 300 individual run-ins with people's pets.

The concept of his account is pretty amazing: think Humans of New York, only better, because it's with dogs.

One of Kidd's favorite breeds are Chihuahas. In this BuzzFeed article he penned, he even mentions how he's part of a fan club for the shaky little breed.

As for his own dog, Kidd and his family take care of a 12-year-old rescue named Walter who they found running across the highway. He was sprayed by a skunk and had fleas and heartworms. That didn't stop Gideon from making Walter their "little pup ever since."

All of Kidd's experience petting puppers has taught him a thing or two about their behavior. He has some tips for people who may be afraid of dogs but want to face their fears to pet them nonetheless.

"If you put your hand under their nose, you can let them sniff you. He'll bark and growl if he doesn't want you to pet him. If he does want you to pet him, he'll come to you happily," he told Mashable.

Sometimes, he gets two-fur-one pet experiences.

And he gives shout-outs to humane shelters, putting his growing following to good use in helping dogs find loving homes.

Dogs man, it's just hard not to love 'em.

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