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Viral 'Draw This Again' Challenge Shows Artists' Mind-Blowing Improvements

Viral 'Draw This Again' Challenge Shows Artists' Mind-Blowing Improvements
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Updated 1 year ago

If every time you thought about doing something you dreamed of you just did it instead, you'd probably be a master at it by now.

Think about all of the times you wanted to learn a musical instrument, a new language, or get in shape. Think if all those times you wished you were an amazing guitarist or were in excellent shape, you practiced or worked out?

The problem is, most of our brains are programmed to respond to instant gratification. So, the long-term goal of working out doesn't really register in our minds. We think that eating a brownie now or some pasta isn't going to hurt our long-term goals of looking like Zac Efron in Baywatch. But it totally does. However, if you want proof that progress is possible through practicing daily, then just look at the work these artists are putting out.

They're showing that daily practice really does make perfect, and in just a few years they took their drawing skills to an entirely new level.

Some are a long time apart.

Some, a short time.

No matter the duration though, the improvements are noticeable.

So when you're thinking of giving up on something.

Because you don't feel like you're getting it quick enough...

Or if you'll never be as good as you want to be...

Just take a good look at what consistent dedication does.

Because your dreams are within your grasp.

You just need to be willing to trade a few hours of your time every day.

To realize them.

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