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Kenan Thompson Is Starting A Sketch Show For Kids That Sounds A Lot Like 'All That'


All That was and remains to be one of the most recognizable sketch shows of all time. While Saturday Night Live may have been deemed a little too adult for kids at the time, All That was consistently good, so much so that even parents would tune in on Saturday nights before putting the kids to bed. It's where a lot of actors got their start in the industry today. While Amanda Bynes may have been the biggest name to come out of the show, the only person who's still making a living off of his sketch comedy career once a week is Kenan Thompson, who along with Kel Mitchell were so popular on All That that they ended up getting their own show that ran long after the original cast of All That left the show.

Fast forward to present day, and Kenan Thompson has new crew on that same show your parents wouldn't let you watch as a kid. He's one of the best people to watch on SNL today, and is part of some of their best skits in recent years, including last year's smash Halloween hit, David Pumpkins. We've seen plenty of posts online of him and former coworkers from the All That days and it was pretty clear that the chemistry between them is still pretty strong, especially with Kel Mitchell, but now it's almost time to put it to the test.

Kenan Thompson is teaming up with other All That alumni for a new children's sketch comedy show called SKOOGLE—and don't be surprised if you end up watching, too.