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Police Department 'Terrified' Of Red Balloons Found Tied To Sewer

Police Department 'Terrified' Of Red Balloons Found Tied To Sewer
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10 months ago

It will be released nationwide on Friday. You probably already know that, unless you've been living under a rock or in a sewer (get it?). It is an adaptation of a Stephen King novel about a clown named Pennywise who lives in the sewers and murders children. It's supposed to be really good. 

Since the book and an earlier adaptation have already existed for decades, It already has a number of fans including one prankster in Lititz, Pennsylvania. The fan tied a red balloon to a grate similar to what Pennywise does in It. Police had to remove the balloon, but they described the experience as "terrifying" and asked that the prankster not do it again. 

Residents are thankful that the police took care of the situation because everyone else was also too afraid to deal with it. 

But some other people said that this only made them more excited for the movie. 

The prankster has yet to be caught.

[h/t Boing Boing]

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