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Source: Twitter

Clowns Went To See 'It' On Opening Night And Twitter Is Still Terrified

By Aimee Lutkin

The marketing team for the IT reboot deserves a raise. Pranks related to the movie have been on the rise since the movie's release, and even the police are scared. It's hard to say who is responsible for what Twitter user @HG_Hohbes went through at his screening of the movie, but one thing is clearβ€”clowns are terrifying.

Especially when they're waiting for you in an empty movie theater.

What the hell?! Is this an advertising ploy? If so, the people in the theater to see the movie are already sold, buddy! Why are you trying to make them pee their pants? These cosplayers are lucky they didn't pull this kind of stuff in a concealed carry state. Not that I'm promoting gun violence or anything but I could understand if someone just watched a clown eat children for two hours doesn't draw on the next creepy clown that pops out in front of them.