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The Porgs From The New 'Star Wars' Trailer Are Already Viral Memes



The new Star Wars trailer dropped earlier this week and we already know who the breakout star will be. The porgs! And you know that's true because despite the name "porg" never being mentioned in the trailer, you knew exactly what I was referring to. 

Yes, taking the place of the ewoks as cutest species in the galaxy will be the new alien race of porgs. So expect two things. One, endless porg-related toys and two, the internet to make some truly spectacular, and maybe a little scary, porg related art. 

In an interview with StarWars.com, creature concept designer Jake Lunt Davies reveals that the Porgs were only invented to cover up the actual adorable puffins that were present on Skellig Michael, the Irish Island on which the Luke Skywalker scenes were shot. 

The island is a wildlife preserve for hundreds of the birds, and by law, crew members of Star Wars: The Last Jedihad to leave the puffins undisturbed and couldn't move them out of the way for key scenes. 

"From what I gathered, Rian, in a positive spin on this, was looking at how can he work with this," explains Davies. "You can’t remove them. You physically can’t get rid of them. And digitally removing them is an issue and a lot of work, so let’s just roll with it, play with it. And so I think he thought, 'Well, that’s great, let’s have our own indigenous species.'" 

The final design for Porgs stemmed from Rian Johnson’s vague request for "puffin people," which he interpreted as "so cute Lisa Frank will be pissed she didn’t invent it first." 

It's been less than a week and look at what people are already doing: 

1. It is an alien after all.

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2. But a silly alien, you know?

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3. Possible spoilers.

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4. Did we just become best friends? No.

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5. Obviously.

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6. Wrong universe!

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7. Nope. Nothing at all.

8. Both of you need to get it together right now!

9. Can you blame him?

10. So dramatic.

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11. I thought he was much smaller than that.

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12. Too violent for the little guy.

13. Less cute here.


14. That's how I'd react too.

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15. Oh. So that's what that is.

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16. I know. Roller coasters are scary.

17. And you thought he was dead.

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18. Toasty!

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19. Oh no!

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20. Was this picture taken on Hoth?

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21. It was a Wampa the whole time!

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22. Truly a terrifying beast.

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23. You're going to do what?

24. Go team!

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